Notorious Monster ToDs

This area is a work in progress and may not be entirely accurate. New NMs added frequently.
Notorious Monster Time of Death
Adamantoise Jun 25, 2019 08:53am CST
Argus Unknown
Aspidochelone Unknown
Behemoth Jun 23, 2019 02:54pm CST
Bugbear Strongman Unknown
Bune Unknown
Capricious Cassie Jun 23, 2019 02:39pm CST
Carmine-tailed Janberry Unknown
Cerberus Unknown
Charybdis Unknown
Fafnir Jun 20, 2019 10:19pm CST
Guivre Unknown
Hydra Unknown
King Arthro Jun 24, 2019 07:37pm CST
King Behemoth Jun 20, 2019 09:45pm CST
King Vinegarroon Jun 23, 2019 01:55am CST
Leaping Lizzy Jun 24, 2019 05:16pm CST
Leech King Jun 25, 2019 08:10am CST
Lord of Onzozo Jun 24, 2019 09:07pm CST
Mysticmaker Profblix Jun 24, 2019 08:25pm CST
Nidhogg Unknown
Ose Unknown
Phantom Worm Unknown
Roc Jun 24, 2019 07:05pm CST
Serket Jun 24, 2019 08:37pm CST
Shikigami Weapon Unknown
Simurgh Jun 24, 2019 07:17pm CST
Sozu Rogberry Unknown
Tawny-fingered Mugberry Jun 22, 2019 08:29pm CST
Tiamat Unknown
Tonberry Decapitator Unknown
Valkurm Emperor Jun 20, 2019 02:21pm CST
Vrtra Unknown