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Patch Comments - 2019 Jun.11

Content by Highwind | June 11, 2019

  • Stability
    • Addressed several issues with stability
  • Accounts & Players
    • Accounts are limited to 2 characters; all characters in slots 3-16 have been removed
    • Players and households are still limited to 2 accounts
  • Transfer Perks System
    • Gil has been removed as a perk
    • New options coming soon
  • Monsters & NMs
    • Removed many out-of-era items from drop lists for mobs
  • Battle System
    • Addressed how weight works against players and mobs
  • Crafting
    • Crafting restricted to not allow all crafts leveled to 100
    • Fishing to 100 allowed
    • Cooking to 100 allowed
    • 2 other skills of player's choice passed 60 allowed
    • All other skills capped at 60
  • Auction House
    • More conditions added in order to help boost stacks and certain item listings
  • Dynamis
    • Removed many out-of-era items from drop lists for mobs
  • Anti-Cheat & Anti-Exploit
    • Several new measures have been put into place to monitor the way players are interacting with Highwind XI
    • Certain offenses will be dealt with via auto-jail commands from the server

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