Highwind XIclopedia


The vast majority of crafting works as it should. Some things are a bit different though!

Capping Your Skills

Players are limited to 4 crafts leveled above 60, 2 of which include Cooking and Fishing.

Fishing on Highwind XI

Fishing skillups are a little different here. Rather than skilling up during the act of fishing, you are giving skillup points when you show off your catches. Think you have what it takes? Go see Pattel Bachel in Port Windurst (C-8) for further details.

Crafting Torques

Torques are available by killing the appropriate HNM.

Craft HNM Drop Rate
Alchemy Khimera 40%
Bonecraft Aspidochelone 40%
Clothcraft Cerberus 40%
Cooking King Behemoth 40%
Fishing King Vinegarroon 60%
Goldsmithing Hydra 100%
Leathercraft Vrtra 100%
Smithing Tiamat 100%
Woodworking Nidhogg 60%