Highwind XIclopedia

Bostaunieux Oubliette

Name Family Respawn Time
Acid Grease Amorph
Arioch Bird
Bloodsucker Amorph 17.6 Min
Bloodsucker Amorph 60 Min
Bodach Undead
Dark Aspic Amorph 17.6 Min
Drexerion the Condemned Undead 132 Min
Funnel Bats Bird 17.6 Min
Garm Undead 5.5 Min
Garm Undead 17.6 Min
Gespenst Undead 16 Min
Haunt Undead 5.5 Min
Haunt Undead 17.6 Min
Hecatomb Hound Undead 17.6 Min
Manes Undead
Mousse Amorph 5.5 Min
Mousse Amorph
Nosferatu Undead 5.5 Min
Phanduron the Condemned Undead 132 Min
Sewer Syrup Amorph
Shii Undead
Werebat Bird 5.5 Min
Werebat Bird 17.6 Min