Highwind XIclopedia

Full Moon Fountain

Name Family Respawn Time
Ace of Batons Arcana
Ace of Coins Arcana
Ace of Cups Arcana
Ace of Swords Arcana
Ajido-Marujido Humanoid
Ajido-Marujido Humanoid
Carbuncle Prime Avatar
Fenrir Prime Avatar
Garuda Prime Avatar
Ifrit Prime Avatar
King of Batons Arcana
King of Cups Arcana
King of Swords Arcana
Leviathan Prime Avatar
Queen of Batons Arcana
Queen of Cups Arcana
Queen of Swords Arcana
Ramuh Prime Avatar
Shantotto Humanoid
Shiva Prime Avatar
Tatzlwurm Dragon
Titan Prime Avatar
Yali Beast