Highwind XIclopedia

QuBia Arena

Name Family Respawn Time
Adam Humanoid
Air Pot Arcana
Anansi Vermin
Ancient Sorcerer Undead
Ancient Warrior Undead
Annihilated Anthony Undead
Archlich Taber quoan Undead
Armoury Crate Arcana
Beelzebub Vermin
Capelthwaite Undead
Chahnameed s Intestines Undead
Chahnameed s Liver Undead
Chahnameed s Stomach Undead
Crabshaw Aquan
Death Clan Destroyer Beastmen
Disfaurit B D Aurphe Undead
Doll Factory Arcana
Earth Golem Arcana
Earth Pot Arcana
Fire Golem Arcana
Fire Pot Arcana
Freybug Undead
Generic Doll Arcana
Ghul-I-Beaban Undead
Gladiatorial Weapon Arcana
Guytrash Undead
Hell Fly Vermin
Ice Pot Arcana
Jeumouque B D Aurphe Undead
Laila Humanoid
Maat Humanoid
Maat Humanoid
Maat Humanoid
Maldaramet B D Aurphe Undead
Mauled Murdock Undead
Nephiyl Keepcollapser Beastmen
Nephiyl Moatfiller Beastmen
Nephiyl Pinnacletosser Beastmen
Nephiyl Rampartbreacher Beastmen
Punctured Percy Undead
Rallbrog of Clan Death Beastmen
Rojgnoj s Left Hand Beastmen
Rojgnoj s Right Hand Beastmen
Rongeur D os Undead
Seed Goblin Beastmen
Seed Orc Beastmen
Seed Quadav Beastmen
Seed Yagudo Beastmen
Shredded Samson Undead
Son of Anansi Vermin
Thunder Pot Arcana
Trion Humanoid
Trion Humanoid
Vaicoliaux B D Aurphe Undead
Vangknok of Clan Death Beastmen
Vassago Demon
Warlord Rojgnoj Beastmen
Water Golem Arcana
Water Pot Arcana
Wind Golem Arcana
Worgbut of Clan Death Beastmen
Yukvok of Clan Death Beastmen
Zeid Humanoid